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Create an action that represents a sequence of other actions

[action1, action2, .....]  
repeats = 1  
[action1, action2, .....]
You can pass as many actions as you want to this command.
repeats = 1
The number of times to perform the sequence. If viz.FOREVER is given, then the sequence will be infinitely repeated.


After you have created the action you can add it to any object as many times as you want.

Return Value

An action that can be applied to any <node3d> object


#Create an action that will fade an object in, wait for 2 seconds, then fade it back out.
fadeAlpha = vizact.fadeTo(1,time=1)
fadeColor = vizact.waittime(2),vizact.fadeTo(0,time=1)
fadeInOut = vizact.sequence(fadeAlpha,fadeColor)


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