Browse Scenes

Browse Scenes

The scene browser is the initial interface when you launch PRISM. It displays a list of all available scenes from your local machine and the PRISM server.

To play a scene either double-click the scene or right-click and select Play. See the Play Scenes page for more information on playing scenes.

To edit a scene, right-click the scene and select Edit. See the Edit Scenes page for more information on editing scenes.

Server Scenes

Scenes that only exist on the PRISM server will contain a cloud icon in the lower right corner of the scene thumbnail. If your machine is not on the same network as the PRISM server, then the server scenes will not be displayed. When you Edit a server scene for the first time, the scene and all associated assets will be downloaded from the server. Once the scene is downloaded, the cloud icon will be removed since a copy of the scene is now stored locally.

Search/Sort Scenes

The toolbar above the scene list allows searching and sorting scenes.

To search scenes, enter text within the search field to only shows scenes whose names match the entered text. Click the ‘X’ button at the end of the search field to clear the entered text and display all scenes again.

To sort scenes, select from one of the following options from the sort menu:

  • Name: Sort by the scene name
  • Recently Modified: Sort by date modified, from recent to oldest
  • Recently Played: Sort by date played, from recent to oldest

You can also filter the scene list to all scenes that use a specific main video. Right-click any scene that uses the main video you are interested in and select Search by video. The scene list will now only display scenes using the same video. Click the Show All Scenes button at the top of the list to revert back to displaying all scenes.

Create scenes

You can create a new scene one of the following ways:

  • Import video: Drag/Drop any supported video file into the scene list to create a new scene. Alternatively, click the ‘+’ button in the lower right corner of the list to browse for a video file.
  • Import scene: You can import a previously exported .prism scene file by dragging/dropping the file into the scene list. Alternatively, click the ‘+’ button in the lower right corner of the list to browse for a .prism file.
  • Duplicate scene: You can create a copy of an existing local scene by right-clicking the scene and selecting Duplicate. The Duplicate option is not available for scenes that only exist on the server. You will need to select Edit first in order to download the scene and all assets.

Delete scenes

To delete a scene, right-click the scene and select Delete. The Delete option is only available for scenes that exist on the local machine. If the scene exists both locally and on the server, only the local copy will be deleted and the scene will now be displayed as a server scene.