To launch the scene gallery in the PRISM theater, select the Start Gallery option from the server menu in the scene browser.

Gallery mode will fill the PRISM theater with tiles representing a scene on the server. Some scenes might be repeated if there are more tiles than scenes. The user can tap on a tile in the PRISM theater to launch a scene. Within a scene, the user can swipe left to go back to the scene gallery.

The gallery control interface (pictured above) will display all the scenes on the server. Scenes that are represented by a tile in the PRISM theater will have a tile icon in the lower right corner of the scene thumbnail. Double-clicking a scene will launch it. When a scene is launched from either the PRISM theater or the control interface, the interface will switch to the scene player. When the scene exits, the gallery control interface will become active again. Click the back button in the navigation bar to exit gallery mode and go back to the scene browser.

Tile Settings

The toolbar above the scene list allows changing the tile settings in the theater.

  • Tiles: Change the tile size in the theater to either Small, Medium, or Large. Smaller tiles allows fitting more tiles on the screen.
  • Filter: Enter text within the filter field to only show scenes matching the entered text, similar to the scene browser search field. This only affects the list of scenes in the control interface, until the Apply to Gallery button is clicked.
  • Apply to Gallery: Clicking this will apply the currently entered filter to the gallery tiles in the PRISM theater.

Audio Track

The PRISM theater will play an included audio track while in gallery mode. The control bar at the bottom of the interface allows changing the volume and mute state of the audio track. You can also click the Track button to upload a custom audio track and select from a list of previously uploaded tracks to play. The audio track will automatically fade out when a scene is launched and fade back in when the scene exits.


The lighting button at the bottom control bar displays a popup for adjusting the ambient lights within the gallery mode. The lighting controls are identical to the controls within the scene editor. The lights will automatically turn off when a scene is launched and restore to the previous state when the scene exits.